Sikma Family

I love this family. I basically grew up with them; I called them Uncle Tom and Aunty Monica, even though we were in no way related. Our families used to spend every new years eve together. Janelle and I ended up becoming very close friends (like our moms) and we’re even roommates currently (unlike our moms). Janelle, her older sister Vanessa, and I used to run around doing photoshoots, and I’d take hundreds of photographs of them when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. It makes for good memories at the very least ;) Getting to do photos for them was so wonderful because each and every one of them is so wonderful. We met up in that weird part of winter where it wasn’t quite snowy but it was really cold and that day it was SO COLD that the rain was kind of becoming snow, but not really. They were CHAMPS because I kind of made them get rid of their umbrellas for a few photos and they didn’t complain one bit. Also, they are the proudest grandparents you ever did see.