Cam & Breanna - Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

This wedding you guys. THIS WEDDING. K first, it was the most beautiful day in January possible. When they booked me originally, I was totally worried about the possibility of having to drive around town all day in the snow, not gonna lie. But their wedding day dawned bright and clear and beautiful.

Breanna got ready in the Sandman Hotel with her bridal party and family - we even dashed across the parking lot to Moxies for a few pre-wedding drinks and then it was off to the clayburn village church, where Cam & Breanna committed their lives to each other in an intimate, emotional service.

After the ceremony and congratulations, we soaked in the sunset at Willband Creek park and I was probably on cloud nine. The light was phenomeeenaaall.

Seriously you guys, I have nothing but fond and happy memories of your wedding day, and I feel so honored to have been able to photograph one of the most important days of your lives. I hope these photos bring you joy and that when you’re eighty and flipping through your wedding album with your great-grandchildren that you can still remember and feel the specific emotions and moments in each photograph.