How long will it take to receive our photos?

This can depend on when you got your photos done, in all honesty. If it's during busy season, then 2-4 weeks. If not, it can be within a week! It also depends if we're talking a mini session or a full wedding. Time varies, but I assure you that I will be working my butt off to get you your images, because I know the pain of waiting!


I might want something different than what is on your Investment page. Is that an option?

My packages are not set in stone. If you want extra time/less time in your session, or if you want to customize your Wedding package a little, I'd love to discuss that with you! There's no guarantees, but let's see if we can create a little bit of magic. So Contact Me & let's chat!

How many photos will I get from you?

I don't have a set number of photos that I will give you. Whatever photos I get from our time together, you get all the edited versions of them! No limited number, no extra $ for ordering more photos. 

How do we pay?

I accept cash, cheque, and e-transfer. For families, portrait, and birth, I accept payment after the session. For weddings & engagements, I require a deposit and payment made the morning of before any shooting continues.