Van Oort Family -Chilliwack Family Photographer

I love everything about this session. There's something a little scary about doing a documentary session for the first time; you can't control the light, the poses, the cleanliness of the child's face...but you get to capture something authentic.

I love the photos of them eating pancakes, of the little boy making sure his eyes were closed during prayer by pressing his fists against his eyes. I love the piggy back rides, the spelling homework, the parents doing dishes while the kids played on the kitchen floor. I love how mom and daughter started making cinnamon raisin bread together. I love how dad helped the youngest get his gum boots on, and how they all went biking up and down the driveway. I loved watching the boys splash through the biggest mud puddles, and I love the red gum boots and dirty knees from playing with her brothers. I love how Lize wanted photos with the horse she's training, and how one of the boys wanted to bury the dead squirrel he found. I loved getting to just watch them be a family; from feeding chickens to jumping on the trampoline. And even the few posed ones at the end - I love how their black barnyard cat kind of darted in and out. 

It was challenging, for sure, but it was real and messy and kind of beautiful. Thank you so much van Oort family, for letting me just be a fly on the wall and document your everyday.