Landon & Amanda -Chilliwack Wedding Photographer

Landon & Amanda got married on a Saturday in the beautiful Shelby's Pond out in Chilliwack. I've never been there before, but was totally enraptured by the venue with it's stunning ceremony location, barns, farmhouses, apple orchards, and more.

The ceremony was so incredibly sweet and heartfelt; I was totally, one hundred percent, tearing up behind the camera as Landon and Amanda shared their personalized vows. And I was not the only one - both of Amanda's sisters in the bridal party had a hard time holding it together too, as well as friends and family in the audience. It was hard to maintain your composure in the presence of something so real and beautiful and genuine. Seriously you guys, it was SUCH a pleasure to get to witness and photograph the two of you committing your lives to each other. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Gill & I wish you the happiest of futures together!