Hey! Welcome! I'm Alanna.

I'm really thrilled that you've taken the time to look through my work. Like actually. Really, really thrilled. Like a fist-pump-in-the-air kind of thrilled. 

I personally believe it is SO incredibly important to get to know your photographer, so here are a bunch of things that make me me. 

~ ~ ~

I detest wearing shoes. If i could go barefoot everyday, all day, I would.
Except that it's unsanitary, and we live in Canada, which means IT GETS COLD.

I don't like the cold. I'm not a winter or snow person.
I know some people think snow is the be all end all of weather, and like, it's pretty and all, but please get it off my car. And my roads. And my feet.

I'm obsessed with mountains. Like actually obsessed. If we go on an adventure, and I see them, there is a 99.999% chance that I will drag you over there. The only time I won't is if we actually can't get there, because there's like thorn bushes or a rabid dog or something. 

I work at a middle school + it is actually amazing. I love the kids, the staff, the atmosphere, + the relationships I get to build. How cool is it that I got lucky enough to have two jobs that are SO fantastical? 

I use words like fantastical, adorbs, and amazeballs.
I think it makes me cool. There's also a really high chance I will call you  these during our time together. It's a compliment.

My humor is a mix of bad jokes + sarcasm. If you could laugh, that would make me feel better. And you'll get cute laughing pictures, so it's a win-win. 

Jesus is my everything. He loves, so I love.

A year ago, I hated coffee, and now I drink it black. I am living proof that people change constantly. I am also living proof that coffee is a miracle drink. Bless the person that invented it.

I love meeting new people. I love taking photographs and adventuring together and talking together and I’m SO happy that photography allows me to do all those things.

So hit me up – I’ll be so happy that you contacted me I’ll likely do a happy dance.